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Automatic Weighing and Packaging Machine

Many small scale food production business owners and small and medium scale Grocery Store owners do the process of weighing and packaging their product manually. Small and Medium scale food production business owners who particularly produce items like ‘Chiwda’, etc has to do the weighing, filling and packaging process manually. The sealing process is carried out with the help of candles. This process is very time and effort consuming and thus it limits their production as well as their business. It is observed that the cheapest machine which would automate this process of weighing and packaging costs around 2400-3000$ and it is manufactured by ‘GA PACKER’. Automatic Weighing and Packaging which is priced at the rate mentioned is not affordable for small scale and medium scale businesses. This project aims to develop such a machine which automatically weighs and packs the food with the help of microcontroller and sensors. The idea is to manually place the bag, then automatic weighing, filling and packaging is done. The purpose of doing this project is to reduce human efforts and time consumption. Decreasing machine cost is the major advantage of project. The machine design is based on simple mechanisms and it can be installed easily. The speed of packaging is increased thus resulting in more production and business. It will eradicate the traditional packing and sealing method. This process will reduce the number of paid workers.

Post time: Feb-21-2021