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Bag Packing Machine

  • Sealing and cutting shrink packaging machine

    Sealing and cutting shrink packaging machine

    1. The sealing knife adopts copper alloy sprayed with teflon, it won’t stick film, sealing fastness, without smoke, non-pollution. Horizontal and vertical sealing knife adopt whole connecting without gap, the film won’t break. Sealing frame adopts high quality alloy steel, the sealing quality is stable, frame difficult to be damaged.
    2. The machine has entire automatical system, it equiped with sensors can reach high speed automatical working.
    3. It is convenient to adjust according to different sizes products, just adjust the handle wheel can reach it, operation is easy.
    4.it can be connected with production.
    5.it has protection function to avoid sealing product wrong and ensure the safety of operator.

  • Tea Bag Packing Machine

    Tea Bag Packing Machine


    1、Outer plastic film was controlelr by stepper motor, running stable and positional accuracy.
    2、Adopt PID adjusted temperature controller, The temperature control more accurate
    3、Adopt PLC control all machine working, operation in touch screen and easy operate.
    4、Material used in stainless steel 304, foods grade.
    5、Pneumatic components adopt import, working stable.

  • Granule Packing Machine

    Granule Packing Machine

    1.Back side sealing/ 3 /4side sealing.

    2.Can finish the function of bag making, metering, feeding, filling, sealing, cutting, counting and printing automatically, can also add the function of easy tearing notch.

    3.With advance micro computer control, step motor control bag length and cursor positioning. Stable and easy to adjust.

    4.With step-less adjustment frequency, can also install different feeding system, so as to pack for particle, liquid, paste and powder products.

  • Horizontal Packing Machine

    Horizontal Packing Machine


    1.Touching controller with person-machine interface, parameter enacted quickly, high speed and high efficiency
    2.Adopting the tracing technology through photoelectricity, with digital input and sealing and cutting position nicely.  
    3.Diagnosing the troublesome and indicating to give an alarm.
    4.Constant-temperature adjusting, brainpower controlling and being suitable for all kinds of packaging materials.
    5.Controlled by Double frequency conversion, the bag length can be cut with the enacting To finish by one step, saving time and saving film.

  • Multi Heads Scale Packing Machine

    Multi Heads Scale Packing Machine


    1.Full-automatic Weigh-Form-Fill-Seal type, efficient and simple to use.

    2.Use famous brand electric and pneumatic components, stable and long life circle.

    3.Use superior mechanical components, reduce the wear out loss.

    4.Easy to install film, auto correcting the excursion of the film.

    5.Apply advanced operating system, easy to use and reprogrammable.

    To be used on Jintian High quality machine, it makes your packing work easily and efficiently.

  • Doybag packing machine

    Doybag packing machine

    Automatic checking function: no pouch or pouch open error, no fill, no seal. the bag can be used again, avoid wasting packing materials and raw materials. Safety device: Machine stop at abnormal air pressure, heater disconnection alarm. The width of the bags could be adjusted by electrical motor. Press the control-button could adjust the width of clip, easily operate, and save time. The part where touch to the materials is made of stainless steel and according with the request of GMP. Automatic Pre-made Pouch Rotary Packing Machine designed by Korea Equipped with a 10” PLC touch screen with graphic intraface and an automatic lubricating system. Washing down frame, parts above the table made by 304# stainless steel and alumina material. The whole machine weights 1.8 ton, and its grippers can work at the 5 KGS bag loading. Verify weight in weighing station, and compensate by servo filling system. Vacuum pouch in sealing postion Spout at center of pouch

  • Liquid Packing Machine

    Liquid Packing Machine


    1.Can finish the function of bag making, measuring,filling,sealing,cutting and counting.
    2.Controlled by computer and step motor pull bag, flexible bag length cutting, operator needn’t to adjust the unloading working, saving time and saving films.
    3.Separate PID control to temperature, suitable for various packing materials.
    4. Option device: ribbon printer, filling device, gas-exhaust device, horizontal sealing punching device, rotary cutter, small cutter, former beat device, batch pneumatic cutter.
    5.Simple driven system, working more stable and easy to maintain.
    6. Packing material:(PET/PE), (Paper/PE), (PET/AL/PE), (OPP/PE)
    7.The machine is with programmable controller as well as an English display screen that makes it easy to operate and convenient.
    8.Photoelectric digital tracking system makes it possible to set the length of package and when packing film with cursor mark is used, and the machine will be automatic stopped if it can not track the mark after three bags.

  • Powder Packing Machine

    Powder Packing Machine

    1. All the work of bag making, auger filler measuring, product filling, sealing, counting can be done automatically.

    2. Computer control system, photoelectric tracking, high reliability and intellectualized degree.
    3. Equipped with fault display system, easy to operate and maintain.
    4. Make punching blade (round/ euro hole) and linked bags device after customer’s request.
    5. Machine body and all food touching part are made by stainless steel.
    6. Can adjust the bag length on the computer screen of the machine, different bag width need to change the bag former mould on the machine at some extra cost.
    7. If filling weight range is too vast, need to change the measuring system mould(screw), to achieve more accurate weight.