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Automated Packaging Machine Based on PLC

This paper presents final year project prototype with the use of programmable logic controller in automation industry for packaging process. The main idea of the project is to design and fabricate a small and simple conveyor belt system, and automate the process for packaging small cubic pieces (2 × 1.4 × 1) cm 3 of wood into small paper box (3 × 2 × 3) cm 3. Inductive sensor and photoelectric sensor were used to provide the information to the controller. Electrical DC motors used as output actuators for the system to move the conveyor belts after get the orders from the control system. Programmable logic controller Mitsubishi FX2n-32MT was used to control and automate the system by ladder logic diagram software. The experimental result of the prototype was able to fully automate the packaging system. This results show that the machine were done to package 21 boxes in one minute. In addition, the results obtained show that the system able to decreases product time, and increase product rate as compared with traditional manual system.


Post time: Feb-21-2021